Foundation Layer

Fresh Data for Intelligence Integration

Military and critical infrastructures are changing, resulting in GEOINT community requirements for an increased rate of update. Utilising various types of satellite imagery and digital elevation models, we propose a unique multiproduct package.

Foundation Layer

Regularly Updated, Targeted, Reliable

This Foundation Layer product takes advantage of the combined frequent revisit, high accuracy and high coverage rates of the Airbus Defence and Space’s unique multi-resolution satellite constellation, capable of collecting over 20 million km² of data every day, at resolutions from 0.5m to 2.5m, for any point on Earth.

SPOT 6 Satellite Image - Bamako, Mali

Get a synoptic view with GEOMaps, nationwide mosaics with seamless orthorectified colour coverage

  • Initial delivery is based on recent SPOTMaps 1.5 at a resolution of 1.5m.
  • Updated every 2 years using SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 data.

SPOT 6 Satellite Image - Bamako, Mali © 2013 Astrium Services

Pléiades Satellite Image - Tartus Port, Syria
Very High-Resolution

Reveal the details with Pléiades Very High-Resolution images, on specific areas such as harbours, airfields and cities

  • Fresh and accurate 50cm product
  • Updated every year

Pléiades Satellite Image - Tartus Port, Syria © 2013 CNES/ Distribtion Astrium Services

Elevation30 - Santiago de Chile, Chile
SPOT DEM Precision

Reach the right height with SPOT DEM Precision

Designed to a very demanding specification, assuring uniform geometric quality and guaranteeing DTED2 performance, SPOT DEM Precision gives quality and traceability indicators for each pixel.

Continuous Dataset Updating

Data maintenance is a key issue to ensure continued integrity and intelligence value of a mapping database for GEOINT analysis.
The Foundation Layer product is designed to make sure intelligence analysts are using the most recent data.

Foundation Layer

Foundation Layer is the guarantee to

  • Get regularly refreshed, accurate and reliable data
  • Access to countrywide coverage with detailed information
  • Reach unrivalled 3D level
  • Retrieve sharp and precise knowledge of infrastructures and settlements