Pléiades Ground Station for Direct Access Services

SEAS Zodiac Antenna

You need a Ground Station consisting of:

  • Standard station components such as antennas, RF-frontend, demodulators, station management compatible of Pléiades specifications.
  • A Pléiades Terminal provided by Airbus Defence and Space including installation, operator training, maintenance, upgrade and enhancement packages as required.


Pleiades Direct Tasking Screen

Pleiades Direct Tasking Supervision Screen

Pléiades Terminal

It covers the following functionalities:

  • new data ordering,
  • data archiving / processing of Pléiades data directly received by your Ground Station:
    - Decryption and inventory
    - Local archiving and corresponding management (including metadata & Quicklook generation)
    - L1 and ortho processing
    - Interface to Airbus Defence and Space central Pléiades ground segment for gathering
    station operations and support data.


  • The Pléiades Terminal is an add-on element to be integrated into the station environment. The station environment is assumed to cover the antenna system, the RF-frontend, the demodulator and a station management element. This environment may already exist if other missions are received or has to be newly established for the Pléiades mission. In this context, the interfaces between the Pléiades Terminal, the Airbus Defence and Space central ground system and the station management have to be fixed.
  • Airbus Defence and Space can also offer a suitable antenna, RF-frontend and demodulator together with acquisition control.

Operator Training

An on-site operations and maintenance training is offered. It covers

  • an introduction to the Pléiades Terminal architecture and its elements and
  • an operations and administration training on functionalities and interfaces.


After handover of the accepted Pléiades Terminal, the standard warranty & maintenance starts. A customer service for operational problems is available. The support includes assistance on the use of the system and hardware and software maintenance.

Upgrade and enhancement packages

Such packages to be offered during the maintenance phase provide software upgrades when new version of the software is available. The main purpose is to keep the system up to date and homogeneous among the Airbus Defence and Space ground station network. In addition, the customer can request SW enhancements (improvements or new system functionality) to be quoted.

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