TerraSAR-X / PAZ Constellation

Adding a Radar Component to Airbus Defence and Space’s Unique Constellation Portfolio

Optimised revisit time, increased coverage, improved service: Enhance your monitoring applications and capitalise on the new capabilities offered by the new radar satellite constellation comprised of TerraSAR-X / TanDEM-X and PAZ.


The Spanish PAZ satellite (owner and operator: HisdesSAT) will be launched into the same orbit as TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X in 2018. Operating the three almost identical satellites in a constellation will provide customers with a wide range of benefits:

  • Significantly reduced revisit time:

     - Daily Revisit for image intelligence or monitoring
     - 4 / 7 days for interferometric applications (i.e. surface movement monitoring or coherence change detection)

  • Enhanced acquisition capacity for monitoring and mapping applications
  • Identical imaging modes (incl. Staring SpotLight and Wide ScanSAR) and image characteristics
  • Easy ordering through one order desk, single catalogue and one pricelist

Besides significantly benefitting frequent monitoring applications (e.g. maritime surveillance), the TerraSAR-X / PAZ constellation will also offer improved interferometric capabilities for precise monitoring of highly dynamic surface movements.


Airbus Defence and Space opens up a new era in constellation services.

The unrivalled constellation capabilities combining optical and radar satellites provide for:

  • Unprecedented worldwide coverage regardless of Area of Interest and weather conditions
  • Daily and intra-daily revisit capacity for any point on Earth
  • Enhanced sensor availability and capacity guarantees data access when and where needed
  • High information content and reliable interpretation through complementary use of radar and optical data