Pipeline Route Assessment with Elevation1 DEMs

Reliable Elevation Information even for Remote Locations

Highly accurate DEMs provide valuable information sources for planning, implementing and maintaining facilities and infrastructure in the oil & gas industry.


Pipeline routes are often planned in difficult to access, remote locations. Reliable geo-information is necessary to support the planning and construction process.

Satellite data is ideally suited for such purposes as it provides terrain information without the need for on-site surveys. 

Very Precise Height Information Saves Time and Cost

Pipeline Route Assessment

Based on high-resolution Pléiades data, Elevation1 Digital Surface and Terrain Models (DSMs and DTMs) feature a very high level of accuracy and provide highly detailed information. This supports the time- and cost-effective investigation of a proposed pipeline corridor. The planned route can be assessed with regard to terrain undulation, slopes, obstructions and surface conditions.

Once the pipeline route is defined the precise elevation information supports the preparation of the construction phase, including planning of best access routes, determining cubic volumes of earth to be moved and preparing the infrastructure development. Additionally the reliable and precise information supports the careful assessment of possible impacts on environment and landscape.

Key Benefits
  • Individual AOIs available starting at a minimum of 100km²
  • Dependable terrain information for any location worldwide
Project References
  • Elevation1 for Kazakhstan for pipeline settlement
  • DEM of a 1,800km long corridor for terrain analysis

Pipeline Route Assessment with Elevation1 DEMs