Pléiades high-resolution 3D DEMs

Pléiades’ stereo and tristereo capability makes it possible to generate DEM products with a 1-metre or 4-metre posting, ideal for 3D modelling of urban areas and relief.

Pléiades high-resolution 3D DEMs

Rounding out the GEO Elevation product family, Elevation4 and Elevation1 are high-resolution DEMs. Elevation1, with a posting of 1 metre, is ideal for hydrology and oil or mineral exploration applications, while Elevation4, with a posting of 4 metres, is more suited to 3D mapping of dense urban areas or relief in steep terrain.

Elevation4 and Elevation1 are compliant to HRE40 and HRE10 standards (comparable to DTED levels 3 and 4).
These 3D models include bare-earth and surface features (man-made structures and vegetation). They are delivered with the stereo or tristereo source data and for Elevation1 with a 50-cm orthoimage.

Elevation 4 & Elevation 1 - Stereo and Tristereo Aquisitions

Stereo and Tristereo Data Acquisition

Elevation4 and Elevation1 are generated from Pléiades stereo or tristereo data. Tristereo acquisitions reveal elevation that would otherwise remain hidden in steep terrain or urban canyons in dense built-up areas.

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Pléiades high-resolution 3D DEMs