Astrium Participates in GMES Masters 2012

Challenge to further exploit the potential of SAR data

Astrium GEO-Information Services is supporting the GMES Masters 2012 program through the announcement of a new challenge focussing on the use of high-resolution radar satellite data. The GMES Masters rewards on an annual basis the best ideas for services, business cases and applications based on GMES data, with the aim to foster product development and entrepreneurship in Europe.

Astrium's Radar Challenge

GMES Masters 2012

With the GMES Masters 2012 Radar Challenge Astrium would like to encourage the development of innovative products and applications based on radar satellite data, particularly TerraSAR-X ’s X-band imagery.

Thanks to its unique accuracy and data quality TerraSAR-X has already had a major impact on the development of new and enhanced SAR-applications. But there is without doubt scope for further innovations exploiting the full potential of this type of data. Astrium is therefore inviting the submission of truly inventive ideas that offer a clear benefit (e.g. for the environment, security, or specific industries…), and build on the unique features of TerraSAR-X data. The solutions or applications proposed may also include the integration of data or information from additional data sources, such as satellite imagery from other commercial or public sensors.

Participants - whether it be students, entrepreneurs, developers, or SMEs - are invited to submit their innovative approaches and ideas between 1 June and 16 September 2012 through the GMES Masters website .

The winner of the challenge will be announced in an Award Ceremony on 25 October 2012 and will receive a data package (radar and/or optical satellite data) worth EUR 25,000 and operational support to help advance their idea.

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The European Earth Monitoring Competition

The GMES Masters competition was inaugurated in 2011 by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and T-Systems with the support of the European Commission.

The aim of this innovation competition is to seek out creative product ideas and promote the foundation of companies in Europe that tap into the potential of the European Earth observation programme GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) in unprecedented ways. In its first year, participants from 17 countries submitted more than 100 innovative ideas for applications to the GMES Masters. The participating organisations and companies this year offer a GMES Masters prize pool to a total value of EUR 335,000. In addition to EUR 30,000 cash prizes; this primarily includes support for the commercial realisation of the winning ideas, data access, and the chance to enter the incubation programme of one of Europe's six ESA Business Incubation Centres (BICs). The European Commission is also contributing data packages worth EUR 100,000 to this year's GMES Masters.

This year a total of 7 challenges were announced and contestants can submit new ideas and services that make commercial use of Earth observation data between 1 June and 16 September 2012.