Proven Examples of Pléiades Services

How agility, reactivity and availability set the new standard

We can talk all day about how great Pleiades is with statements like, incredible agility and responsiveness, unprecedented collection capacity and rapid data acquisition and delivery, but let’s prove it with some examples instead. Here are five great Pleiades success stories that should prove useful for multiple applications.

Pleiades - Point targets in NJ and Penn

PROVEN: Incredible Agility and Responsiveness

A new acquisition order was placed to get a shot of 11 different pump stations along the Transco pipeline in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Eleven point targets were submitted on Friday, and 10 of the 11 areas were collected and validated on Monday morning.

  • Fastest collection over close targets

PROVEN: Unprecedented Collection Capabilities

Pleiades - Large Mexico coverage

An entire geocell, over 10,000 km2, was collected over Mexico in one pass of the satellite with all the segments within +/-20°.

Pleiades - Great Barrier Reef coverage

The Great Barrier Reef (100 km wide) was collected in a single pass of the satellite

  • Wide coverage (100 km swath), homogeneous data


Pleiades - Guatemala success story

PROVEN: Rapid Access and Delivery

Guatemala is a very cloudy area, so it was not a shock to see that the feasibility study was estimating 6 months to collect an AOI over this area. Pleiades went with the lower end of this estimate and acquired the data 4 days later.

  • 3 tasking plans per day refreshed with the latest weather forecast maximize your success rate.

Proven Examples of Pléiades Services