Go Monitor Service Enhanced with Pléiades Imagery

Pléiades 50-cm products have been added to the Go Monitor satellite-based monitoring service to provide even finer detail combined with a global daily revisit capability.

Go Monitor - observation report

Go Monitor: monitoring on demand

Thanks to a unique constellation of Earth-imaging satellites and leading-edge expertise in image analysis, Go Monitor provides ready-to-use and reliable information about any point on the globe, accessible 24/7 via a secure website.

Once you subscribed to a site, and defined the monitoring frequency you want, you are regularly updated about activity changes with a simple email alert. If you need more detail, you may download the full observation report.It highlights main changes that happened over your area, for an immediate understanding.

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Pléiades: quick response and high accuracy

Pléiades very-high-resolution imagery now offers significantly improved detection, identification and recognition of ground features through Go Monitor.

Fukushima - Pléiades

Focus on Fukushima

The Fukushima nuclear power plant is one of many facilities regularly tracked by Go Monitor. Pléiades imagery reveals features in closer detail to support more-in-depth analysis and interpretation.

For example, in the image below acquired in January, we can clearly see what condition the buildings are in (reactor n°2 has been rebuilt, while twisted metal structures are still visible in reactors n°3 and n°4) and precisely gauge work progress, as well as estimate the number of personnel on site and tell what they are doing (by counting light vehicles, types of vehicles and work areas, etc.).

Pléiades' agility also affords unprecedented responsiveness and innovative acquisition modes - Target, Corridor, Persistent Surveillance and Crisis - Paving the way for new kinds of satellite monitoring of all types of sites of interest.
For example, Persistant Surveillance mode makes it possible to track the trajectory, heading and speed of mobile targets, while Corridor mode is ideal for monitoring borders, pipelines, high-voltage power lines and roads.
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Tucson - Pléiades

Pléiades Satellite Image - Tucson, Arizona, United States

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