TerraSAR-X IMINT Manual

Comprehensive Reference Database for Image Analysts

The TerraSAR-X IMINT Manual (TIM) is intended to support image analysts in the detection and identification of IMINT-relevant objects in high-resolution SAR data. By describing and visualising important SAR effects TIM helps image analysts familiar with optical imagery to transition to SAR data analysis.

Radar Data Interpretation and Analysis Made Easy

TerraSAR-X IMINT Manual

The appearance of an object in SAR imagery strongly depends on the acquisition parameters (e.g. incidence angle, orientation) and is influenced by specific SAR effects (e.g. backscattering). The main focus of TIM thus lies on the description and visualisation of important SAR effect for each object. This is achieved by displaying SAR imagery with different acquisition parameters and combining them with detailed annotations. Each SAR image example is displayed side by side with high resolution optical imagery with the same scale for illustration and better understanding.

Key Features

The TerraSAR-X IMINT Manual contains more than 500 objects of defense or security related interest.

The web-based user interface allows for a fully interactive experience and the catalogue structure and wording follows STANAG 3596 (Air Reconnaissance Requesting and Target Reporting Guide).
Key features include:

  • Hierarchical object tree
  • Dynamic zoom and roam functionality
  • Fully searchable catalogue
  • Editable and expandable annotations
  • Metadata for all images
  • Notes functionality
  • Integration of any other spatial data

Delivery formats and Updates

TIM is provided as a preinstalled stand-alone product for usage in secured environments, no additional software and hardware is required. A remote access subscription service can also be offered. In its basic version, the database contains 200 examples, covering all available STANAG categories. Several extension packages will be available and customised Area of Interest (AoI) analysis will be offered. Over the next years the database will be continuously expanded with further examples and descriptions.

TerraSAR-X IMINT Manual

Did you know?

In response to wide-spread demand from image analysts Airbus Defence and Space has developed the TerraSAR-X IMINT Manual (TIM). This reference database is intended to support image analysts in the detection and identification of IMINT-relevant objects in SAR data. TIM visualises the effects of acquisition parameters (e.g. incidence angle, orientation) and specific SAR characteristics (e.g. backscattering).