SPOT 6 & 7 system qualification

April 2012

Qualification testing of the SPOT 6 & 7 system began at Astrium Services on 19 March.

Validation QT/QO SPOT6 & 7 Team

SPOT 6 & 7 technical and operational validation team

A team, a constellation

Compliance of the integration of SPOT 6 & 7 operating system components on our premises was signed off on 16 March. Three days later on 19 March, the SPOT 6 & 7 validation team started tests designed to validate the operability and performance of the full system.

System development and qualification are being led by Astrium Services in close collaboration with Astrium Satellites, which will be in charge of in-orbit operations of the 2 satellites.

Ground segment operating Spot 6 &7

SPOT 6 & 7 operations ground segment

Technical and operational qualification

At the SPOT 6 & 7 operations centre, system performance is being evaluated through a series of satellite tasking, data reception and image production tests.

This technical qualification phase will be followed in May and June by operational qualification to validate the handover to operations teams.

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