Reliable Change Information When and Where You Need it
  • Individually tailored to your specific requirements
  • Receive and pay only the information you need
  • Application experts extract key change information for you
  • Reliable E-mail alerts and 24/7 online access

What is GO Monitor?

  • GO Monitor is a monitoring service providing reliable and timely change information anywhere on Earth.
  • GO Monitor relies on Astrium's leading-edge satellite imagery and expertise in image processing, analysis and interpretation.
  • GO Monitor's interpretation experts, e.g. geologists, surface motion interpreters and offshore specialists, extract customer-tailored information.
  • GO Monitor reports are simple and ready-to-use change reports, distributed via automatic e-mail alerts and a secure 24/7 web access.

How does GO Monitor work?

  • You specify your area of interest, what you need to monitor, how frequently you need updates and the timeline of your project.
  • We define and set up the monitoring program that best meets your requirements, based on a thorough feasibility study.
  • You receive ready-to-use and intuitive monitoring reports highlighting relevant changes in your area of interest.


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Case studies

Did you know?

GO Monitor relies on a unique constellation of Earth Observation satellites which combines very high and high resolution optical and radar sensors.