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Sar Training 2

TerraSAR-X is specifically optimised to meet the requirements of users around the globe, who require readily available, high-quality and precise Earth observation data. But for untrained people it could be challenging to get all the details out of these pictures.

Airbus Defence and Space offers you a broad range of training options to develop and improve your SAR knowledge. During these training programmes, radar technology experts will guide you through the imagery from TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X. With the understanding of this data you can obtain all benefits and advantages of radar data, e.g. high geolocation and vertical accuracy, cloud and day-light independence, near-real-time delivery, unique properties for forest monitoring, flood monitoring, and water quality applications.

To offer the best support to you, there are five different courses with different levels of detail and degree of difficulty. Simply select the course, which will perfectly cover your business needs.


Target Group SAR beginners
Description Webinar to get a brief overview about TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X missions, products and services
Participants Approx. 20 persons
Duration 2 hours
Location Web
Customisation No


Target Group SAR beginners with a strong background in image processing and GIS
Description Focus on SAR fundamentals, TerraSAR-X mission, SAR system, image products and services; outlook on advanced topics
Participants 10 persons
Duration 5 days
Location Friedrichshafen, or on-site upon request
Customisation No


Target Group Image Intelligence (IMINT) Analysts
Description High Resolution SAR image interpretation for image intelligence purposes
Participants 10 – 15 persons
Duration 10 days
Location Flexible, on request
Customisation Yes



Target Group SAR beginners
Description In-depth information on TerraSAR-X imagery, products and services
Participants 5 – 10 persons
Duration 2 days
Location Friedrichshafen
Customisation No


Target Group GIS and remote sensing technicians
Description Dedicated high, medium and low resolution SAR image interpretation training at customer premises.
Participants 10 persons
Duration 5 days
Location Flexible, on request
Customisation Yes


You do not have the time to spend several days in a training? You are familiar with radar data but want to refresh you knowledge? For your better understanding of how TerraSAR-X can serve varied applications we offer comprehensive one-hour webinars - tailored to specific applications, made to generate an appetite for our radar data and services.

TerraSAR-X webinar page

More than 170 data sets – single data or data stacks – are now available for free on our website, making access to radar data child’s play. Feel free to test all data that is of interest to you.

TerraSAR-X Sample Data