SPOT 6 Instrument Connected to Satellite ‘Bus’ Structure

December 2011

SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 are taking shape together in the clean room. In September, a key milestone was reached when the SPOT 6 instrument was connected to its satellite bus structure. The story so far…

SPOT6-7 satellites in the clean room - October 2011

October 2011
SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellites in the clean room


The story begins in late November 2010 with the arrival of SPOT 6’s mechanical structure at Astrium’s clean room in Toulouse.

 SPOT 6 - Preparation of structure

December 2010 - Preparation of SPOT 6’s structure
The hexagonal-shaped bus structure, modelled on a honeycomb, offers optimal compactness and stiffness.

SPOT 6 - Wiring of the bus

January 2011 - Wiring of the SPOT 6 bus
The bus opens out on all six sides to allow easily installation of equipment.

SPOT 6 - Integration of the propulsion module

February 2011 - Integration of the propulsion module
The hydrazine propellant tank and thrusters are integrated in the mechanical structure.

SPOT 6 - Equipment assembly

February to September 2011 - Equipment assembly
Equipment and systems are assembled on the bus and tested.

SPOT 6 - Instrument-bus join

September 2011 - Instrument-bus join
The SPOT 6 instrument is hoisted above the bus and then lowered gently for connection.

SPOT 6 - Connection of the instrument [1]

October 2011 - Connection of the instrument
The instrument, comprising two Korsch-type telescopes, is connected to the bus. It will acquire images from 694 km above Earth.

SPOT 6 - Connection of the instrument [2]

November 2011 - Finalisation of SPOT 6 integration
The instrument is connected to the bus and SPOT 6 will soon be ready for thermal, electromagnetic compatibility, structural, mechanical and space environment testing. The satellite has an expected design life of 10 years in orbit.

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