High Customer Confidence ahead of Pleiades Launch

Four satellites for Earth - Pléiades

Three Pléiades Direct Access Services agreements signed before launch of first Pléiades satellite

A third customer has signed a Pléiades Direct Access Services agreement with Astrium Services to operate direct receiving stations ahead of its launch later this month.

After PASCO Corporation in Japan and Beijing Eastdawn Information Technology in China, both suppliers of geospatial solutions, the Canadian Ministry of Defence is the latest to place its trust in Astrium Services’ GEO-Information division, partnered for this agreement with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd (MDA). Through the agreement, the ministry is committing to Pléiades as well as to SPOT 5 and the future SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellites, thus giving it access to Astrium’s full optical Earth-imaging constellation.

These three agreements confirm customers’ confidence in the Pléiades constellation’s ability to cover a broad spectrum of requirements spanning defence, mapping and mobile receiving stations.

These customers will shortly be equipped with terminals and will be the first to receive Pléiades data. They will be able to leverage the commercial momentum generated by the launch of Pléiades 1 on 16 December and be ready for the start of commercial operations to serve their users.

Companies that sign up for Pléiades Data Access Services obtain preferred access to Pléiades and maximum responsiveness through new acquisition modes like Direct Tasking. They also get automatic production tools to expedite distribution to users. Pléiades Data Access Services offer distributors innovative ways to develop their business and meet customer demand in their home market.

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Pléiades: High Customer Confidence ahead of Pleiades Launch

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