East Mediterranean

The East Mediterranean is increasingly becoming an exploration hotspot. Airbus Defence and Security’s integrated geological study of this region, provides exploration companies with a consistent interpretation of the surface geology and the location of hydrocarbon seeps.

Geological Mapping - East mediterranean Study

The East Mediterranean study includes:

  • Interpretation of surface geological structure at 1:100 000 – 1:250 000 scale
  • Identification of major lithostratigraphical units at 1:250 000 – 1:500 000 scale
  • Interpretation of major offshore structural features using public domain gravity and magnetics data
  • Offshore oil seep locations as points and vectors of slick outlines
  • Capture of major drainage channels and water bodies

The onshore component is based on primary interpretation of 15m Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery combined with a 90m SRTM elevation model. A full written report discusses the identified seeps in relation to the regional structural setting and petroleum systems.

By combining the interpretation study with identified hydrocarbon seeps the geological context of the seeps can be readily assessed.

Study Deliverables

The final study deliverables are provided in digital format comprising an integrated ESRI ArcGIS project containing the following data and interpretation:

  • Global Seeps (extract from the Airbus Defence and Space oil seeps database).
  • Major drainage channels and water bodies
  • Classified and attributed structural features
  • Major stratigraphic units
  • Superficial geology
  • Seismic events
  • 15m Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery in a 742 (RGB) band combination
  • SRTM 90m DEM in shaded relief form
  • 100m contours
  • Radar imagery for key areas

Also included is a full written report with illustrations containing the results from the geological interpretation and seeps study which are discussed in relation to existing published maps, reports and papers. In addition
hardcopy map sheets are supplied at 1:500 000 scale.

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