Elevation30 Technical Information

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HRS instrument on SPOT 5

HRS instrument on SPOT 5 is dedicated to simultaneous stereopairs acquisition:

  • 2 telescopes, one pointing forward and one aft of nadir, at a fixed angle of 20°
  • acquisition interval: 90 seconds along the track
  • an imaging swath of 600 km x 120 km (72,000 km2)
  • base/height ratio (B/H) of 0.8


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A digital elevation model (DEM) is a file containing elevation values distributed on a uniform grid of an area of interest.
SPOT DEMs are produced by automatic correlation of stereopairs acquired by HRS.
pdf Download SPOT DEM technical description (554 k - 12 pages)

SPOT DEM Precision

SPOT DEM Precision is a DTED level 2 product .
It contains two layers of information:

  • an HRS DEM
  • quality and traceability metadata

pdf Download SPOT DEM technical description (18 pages -721 k)


Reference3D is a global, geocoded database developed jointly by Spot Image and the French mapping and survey agency, IGN.

It is the foundation for any application that relies on very-high-quality elevation databases. It contains three layers of information:

  • HRS orthoimages
  • quality and traceability data

pdf Reference3D technical description (483 kb - 19 pages)