Exploration, Development & Production

Airbus Defence and Space provides the Oil, Gas and Mining industry with a range of services throughought the project lifecycle, from raw satellite data capture, detailed mapping and analysis through to monitoring and environmental services. Whether in the office or in the field our in-house geoscientists are able to provide end to end services tailored to meet the demanding requirement of the industry.

Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery collection from all of the major commercial satellite systems, all type of sensors radar and optical, from HR to VHR resolution.

The provision of satellite data is the starting block of our exploration and consultancy services. 

Our experience in the exploration industry means that we can recommend the most suitable and cost-effective satellite data to suit your specific application. Our remote sensing consultants can provide application specific image processing to provide data sets that fit our clients requirements in GIS ready format.

Foundation Layers

The need for topographic information is an important part of the exploration process, from detailed fracture and structural analysis to pipeline feasibility studies. 

We can provide a wide range of satellite derived digital elevation models (DEM) down to 2 metre resolution utilising very high resolution stereo satellite imagery. See more on GEO Elevation.

Multi-client Products

Global Seeps is our Non-exclusive database of offshore potential oil seepage slicks, constructed by systematically screening satellite data over offshore basins. The current database containing over 17,000 satellite scenes is continuously updated (subscription services available). 

For regional evaluation and seismic planning, we offer non-exclusive geological studies that have been carried out at scales ranging from 1:50 000 to 1:250 000 and supplied in GIS format. We also provide follow up detailed studies over block specific areas.

Mapping and Studies


Subsidence and surface movement monitoring. Monitoring of displacement phenomena in the millimeter range thanks to high-resolution radar data such as TerraSAR-X

  • Consultancy and training services
    Airbus Defence and Space offer consultancy and training to our exploration clients worldwide. Our geoscientists run a number of training courses that can take place either at our offices or those of our exploration clients worldwide.