Seismic Planning

Airbus Defence and Space have developed a GIS based methodology for analysing and characterizing near-surface effects on seismic quality. Integration of satellite imagery, digital elevation models and derived information are used to produce seismic quality maps. The analysis can be used prior to and during a seismic survey in order to optimise the acquisition program. Information relating to the quality of existing seismic data can be used to calibrate the results of the analysis.

EO-based GIS for modelling & predicting seismic quality prior to seismic survey

Seismic Planning

A geology project for ESA has been carried out in conjunction with WesternGeco to provide a map of seismic quality, based on the modelling of a series of EO-based thematic layers from within a Geographical Information System (GIS).

The aim of the project was to provide a tool for the seismic acquisition industry that can provide an indication of the quality of seismic data prior to seismic survey.

This GIS uses:

  • surface texture
  • lithology
  • geological structure
  • dampness
  • drainage derived

This is combined with EO data within a model to produce a seismic quality map as shown.

The product was provided digitally as an ArcView project, along with hardcopy mapsheets and digital imagery.

Seismic Planning