Airbus and partners launch ‘Starling’ satellite service after successful pilot phase with Ferrero and Nestlé
Published 06/23/2017

Airbus, together with non-profit organisation The Forest Trust (TFT) and radar satellite imagery expert SarVision, have launched Starling, an innovative satellite service enabling companies to de...

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Airbus celebrates 10 years of precision and reliability of TerraSAR-X satellite
Published 06/14/2017

Designed to operate for five years, Airbus’s Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite TerraSAR-X has achieved ten years of flawless operations in orbit providing high-resolution radar images in a...

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Airbus to provide SpaceKnow with access to “One Atlas” for development of new analytics
Published 06/01/2017

Airbus Defence and Space will provide SpaceKnow, a leading provider of satellite imagery analysis, with access to its One Atlas optical satellite imagery basemap streaming service. Objective of t...

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Airbus Defence and Space launches “Global Earth Observation Challenge”
Published 05/30/2017

Airbus Defence and Space has launched the “Global Earth Observation Challenge”, encouraging start-ups worldwide to innovate and develop new applications primarily based on Airbus satellite data. ...

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Other news

Airbus and CSTARS provide “WorldDEM Ocean Shoreline” for uniquely accurate coastline mapping

Published 05/29/2017

Airbus and Scanex to feed Russia’s most popular search engine Yandex with “One Atlas” satellite imagery data

Published 05/24/2017

Eni to utilize Earth Observation satellite data and services provided by Planetek Italia and Airbus

Published 05/15/2017

PAZ to extend Airbus radar satellite constellation for improved monitoring capabilities by end of 2017

Published 03/21/2017

Airbus’ Fodder Production Index with good market introduction for Livestock farmers insurance against climate risks

Published 03/03/2017

Airbus Partners with Bird.i for Easy Access to Fresh Earth Observation Imagery

Published 02/27/2017

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