Airbus Defence and Space Selects Google Cloud Platform as Preferred Partner
Published 10/18/2016

Airbus Defence and Space has launched One Atlas, a new basemap streaming service delivering access to its satellite imagery over the world, fully refreshed within a 12-month period. It is powered...

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Airbus Defence and Space, TFT and SarVision to Provide Unprecedented Accuracy for Verification of Zero Deforestation Commitments
Published 10/13/2016

New combination of optical and radar satellite technology in operation with Ferrero and Nestlé as pilot customers

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Airbus Defense and Space Provides Managed Hosting, Geospatial Streaming Services and GATOR Device to the State of North Carolina for Hurricane Matthew Support
Published 10/12/2016

i-cubed, an Airbus Defense and Space company based in Fort Collins, Colorado, is supplying the State of North Carolina with imagery streaming services to help prepare and respond to Hurricane Mat...

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Airbus Defence and Space Invests in Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery from 2020 Onwards
Published 10/06/2016

Airbus Defence and Space is designing and building a new constellation of optical satellites, comprising four identical and very agile sensors delivering very high-resolution imagery.

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WorldDEM Now Available Worldwide
Published 10/06/2016

Airbus Defence and Space announced that customers can now be served with WorldDEM Digital Elevation Data for any point on Earth. Following the comprehensive global acquisition campaign and subseq...

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Other news

“One Atlas” – Airbus Defence and Space Launches the World’s Freshest Satellite Image Library

Published 09/29/2016

Airbus Defence and Space Celebrates Seven Years of Multispectral Imaging from UK-DMC2

Published 08/25/2016

Airbus Defence and Space Launches “One Tasking”, Defining a New Level of Customer Centric Services for Satellite imagery Acquisition and Delivery.

Published 07/20/2016

Airbus Defence and Space presents its Mobile General Ground Station at the 2016 Warsaw NATO Summit

Published 07/12/2016

Airbus Defense and Space Partners with AMREL for Easy Access to Geospatial Data for GEOINT Operations

Published 06/30/2016

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