Pléiades portal: Very-High-Resolution Satellite Imagery at your Fingertips

July 2010
Four satellites for Earth - Pléiades

Astrium Services is developing a new Web portal to offer customers and partners full-service, 24/7 access to Pléiades satellite data. This unique e-business portal will let you manage all your online services.

Pléiades' portal

Pléiades's portal

Geospatial data access technology

For this portal, Astrium Services has selected DataDoors. Developed by U.S. firm I-cubed, DataDoors is a leading e-business platform perfectly suited to browsing and ordering satellite imagery, offering a seamless solution from data querying through to product delivery.

Future portal functions

Submit a tasking request, browse the archive, configure an alert or sign up for a streaming data access subscription...
The full Pléiades offering is at your fingertips thanks to a highly intuitive cartographic interface that forms the backbone of the Web portal.
You will be able to select products, keep track of your orders, purchase data on line, share projects with other users and configure your personal settings.

Pléiades' portal team

Pléiades' portal team

A tool designed for and by users

DataDoors expert David Mitchell came especially from the USA to lead the first Web user interface workshops.

A battery of tests has been performed and recommendations have been canvassed from account managers.

This process will continue in the weeks ahead with Astrium Services' subsidiaries and partners—the best way to guarantee users a tool that matches their needs.

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