Precision Agriculture

Efficient and sustainable agriculture needs fresh and precise imagery for sound decisions

Small farm operators, cooperatives, large agro-holdings, agricultural land investment trusts, logistics and supply chain operators need homogeneous and reliable means to manage crops and inputs be it on their fields.

Alberta, Canada - SPOT 5 satellite image, 2.5 m colour © 2005 CNES

Alberta, CanadaSPOT 5 satellite image
© 2005 CNES

Using high resolution imagery, inadequete irrigation or practices can be identified quickly, while intrants and other agricultural treatments can be more accurately assessed and optimized.

Based on a strong experience – of more than 15 years- in delivering Precision Agriculture Solutions for French farmers,  Airbus Defence and Space can help you in accessing right imagery at the right cultural stage time to monitor and manage your crops from planting to harvest.

Not matter what challenge you face on the field, types of soils and soil fertility, types of crops and crop distribution, agro-climatic conditions, farm management and technical practices, Airbus Defence and Space agricultural precision services will support you optimize your practices.

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Precision Agriculture

Did you know?

In France, more than 18,000 farm operators and 800,000 ha benefits from ag precision services based on satellite imagery called FARMSTAR to manage their land more efficiently through closer control of inputs.
Visit FARMSTAR website (in french)