Geo-information about the sports facilities in Rio de Janeiro

Video, mapping and monitoring of the Barra da Tijuca Park

The Barra da Tijuca district is one of the four sites being developed to host the 2016 international sports competitions in Rio de Janeiro. Radar and optical satellites have been mobilised for more than three years to monitor, observe and promote these large-scale urban development works. A wide range of geo-information applications were utilised: time-lapse monitoring and photo-interpretation of civil engineering structures.

Major works, Video monitoring from 2012 to 2016 by Pleiades

Rio 2016 - Detection of changes with TerraSAR-X banner

Detection of changes with TerraSAR-X

Rio 2016 - Mapping and tourist plan

Mapping and tourist plan, Map of sports facilities

Rio 2016 - Construction site monitoring

Construction site monitoring, Pléiades from 2012 to 2016